Architects plan and design houses, factories, office buildings, and other structures.

 What You Will Be Doing

Behind every successful artist or photographer is an agent who carts around resumes and slides from market to market, seeking the best opportunity to sell works of art to everyone from gallery owners to art catalog publishers and distributors. As an agent, you can also sell your clients’ work by using a well-designed, easily accessible Web site that you promote through e-messaging, blogging, and by hooking your clients into cash cows like GettyImages.com. The key is to juggle several artists and/or photographers at once and market them as widely as possible. To grow your stable of clients to represent, advertise in the publications that artistic types generally read. Invite them to send a detailed resume and plenty of slides. When you decide to represent someone, provide a contract that clearly spells out what services your client can expect from you and what commission per sale you expect from your client.

What You Need to Succeed

The art world is extremely tightknit. Cliques abound, and if your name isn’t known as one of the “chosen few,” you may not succeed as much as you’d like. Work the art show openings and other functions and attend trade shows and the like if you really want to get your name out there fast. Above all else, be knowledgeable about art. If you’re not, it will definitely show. There are far more talented artists than there are folks to represent them, so the potential to develop your client base quickly is quite high. Be choosy about whom you represent and offer a wide range of artwork for sale to increase your chances of success.

What You Can Earn



 What You Can Charge

 How Much Is It Going to Cost

$5,000 –$15,000

What Equipment You Need

Computer with Internet access, printer, fax, copier, phone

What Qualifications You Need

 What Other Services to Offer

How You Can Market This

Trade publications for artists and photographers, a listing in the annual Photographer’s Market and Guide to Literary Agents/Art Photo Reps (Writer’s Digest Books), direct mail to related associations, a Web site with an online portfolio of your clients’ work

 Who You Should Market To

  Who Will You Need to Hire


 Where to Begin





Social Media






Words to Know