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 What Equipment You Need

Cleaning supplies, sweeper, mops, buckets, painting equipment, cell phone

  Who Will You Need to Hire

How You Can Make It Sweeter

 What You Will Be Doing

You add the finishing touches to apartment buildings before the next tenant moves in. To increase your marketability, offer several services, including carpet cleaning, wall washing, painting, wallpaper repair, and overall cleaning services. Set fee schedules appropriately depending on individual services (or offer an all-inclusive package price). Advertise your services to many apartment complexes. To cut down on driving, try to get a contract with a multi-unit apartment complex that offers short-term lease options.

 Who You Should Market To

What Qualifications You Need

How You Can Market This

You’ll need to promote your services in each of the respective professional trade publications, and that will likely cost you in the neighborhood of $3,000 –$5,000 (some directories, however, allow you a free listing). Next, you’ll need to have a set of dynamic, yet professional- looking promotional materials of your own (including an impressive Web site) and a basic office set- up to keep it all running smoothly. With a commission of 20 percent on each sale you make, you should be able to earn an annual paycheck between $25,000–$50,000, depending on where you live and how many successful artists you represent.

 What Other Services to Offer

What You Need to Succeed

This business is not for someone who is afraid of using good, hard elbow grease. Be prepared to encounter some messy situations. An apartment preparer might spend quite a bit of time on their hands and knees cleaning baseboards and floors. Consider the health of your back and always wear a back brace. In addition, invest in a good pair of kneepads and rubber gloves.

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